Monday, 13 November 2017


I'm just putting it out there, I love MAC lipsticks they are one of my favourite brand of lipsticks, you are never stuck for a shade and they come in every finish you could ever want.

Now my collection isn't much in terms of most avid beauty bloggers but ya know I'm pretty happy with it, I would love one more to complete my little lipstick holder which is from TK Maxx in case you are wondering. How annoying is it when things like this happening? If I had one more it would look perfect but I'm desperately trying not to be that insane person who will spend money on things just to look good for a picture, if this was last year I'd be buying one purely for this with next day delivery! 

Anyway, what shades do I have ? 

Back Row, L-R

Crossed Wires
Pink Pearl
Milan Mode
Velvet Teddy

Front Row, L-R

Please Me
Creme Cup
Ruby Woo 

I've got so many shades on my list that I want like Pure Zen, Honey Love and Pink Plaid. These will defo be on my Christmas Wishlist this year although I might just wait for some sales to crop up before I purchase them, I'll need another lipstick holder for all the new ones! :) 

What is your favourite Mac lipstick? Let me know in the comments below. 

Love Gill x 


  1. You have a great collection! I love Mac Lipsticks too, although I don't have very many. I have so many on my wish list! xx


    1. Ah thanks I wish I had a lot more to choose from lol I need to start re purchasing some as they are running out x