Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Something I have always wanted to own in life is a Jo Malone Perfume, because why not?! They are just perfection, the packaging, the scents, just everything. What's stopping me purchasing one of these beauts? The price. At £88.00 for 100ml I just can't bring myself to see that come out my bank account. 

Whilst perusing all the prettiness in Primark I about collapsed when something Jo Malone esk caught my eye, elbows were about coming out to get to the counter to check my eyes weren't deceiving me, this couldn't be a Jo Malone dupe, in Primark? After countless sprays of different scents and scrutinising the life out of them, I found a Jo Malone dupe. I still can't believe it as I type this, best of all for a 100ml bottle it cost me £8.00 that's an £80.00 difference !!! 

Ok so it's not an exact dupe, the Lime is missing but that would be full on copyright if they done that, I tell you what the scents smell the same. To those with super sensitive noses I am sure you will smell some difference, there is an £80 difference after all but for the average person you will not notice a difference. The longevity is pretty decent, I mean it's not Jo Malone standard but it lasted me a pretty good amount of time before I had to have another spritz.

I also bought the hand soap in this scent which was £4.00, a little pricey for some hand soap but considering it's £30.00 from Jo Malone it's a pretty big saving for the same scent. Primark are also stocking 10ml perfumes and diffusers along with hand creams in the classic scents from Jo Malone, I highly recommend you go rush to Primark and pick some of them up. 

Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts on them? 

Love Gill x 

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