Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Something I have always wanted to own in life is a Jo Malone Perfume, because why not?! They are just perfection, the packaging, the scents, just everything. What's stopping me purchasing one of these beauts? The price. At £88.00 for 100ml I just can't bring myself to see that come out my bank account. 

Whilst perusing all the prettiness in Primark I about collapsed when something Jo Malone esk caught my eye, elbows were about coming out to get to the counter to check my eyes weren't deceiving me, this couldn't be a Jo Malone dupe, in Primark? After countless sprays of different scents and scrutinising the life out of them, I found a Jo Malone dupe. I still can't believe it as I type this, best of all for a 100ml bottle it cost me £8.00 that's an £80.00 difference !!! 

Ok so it's not an exact dupe, the Lime is missing but that would be full on copyright if they done that, I tell you what the scents smell the same. To those with super sensitive noses I am sure you will smell some difference, there is an £80 difference after all but for the average person you will not notice a difference. The longevity is pretty decent, I mean it's not Jo Malone standard but it lasted me a pretty good amount of time before I had to have another spritz.

I also bought the hand soap in this scent which was £4.00, a little pricey for some hand soap but considering it's £30.00 from Jo Malone it's a pretty big saving for the same scent. Primark are also stocking 10ml perfumes and diffusers along with hand creams in the classic scents from Jo Malone, I highly recommend you go rush to Primark and pick some of them up. 

Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts on them? 

Love Gill x 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Wow, this feels strange, stranger than I thought. 

I've been out of the blogging world for about 3 months now and what a long but oh so quick 3 months it has been. What have I been doing ?! In all honesty, working. I found it extremely difficult to balance work and my blog as well as having a social life and it all got on top of me I just threw in the towel. I really wasn't sure I would ever blog again. 

I didn't use Twitter or Instagram throughout either as it would make me super frustrated and at times jealous of all the other bloggers having this wonderful work life balance being able to do it all, and at one point I did do it all but I burnt myself out to the point i had zero passion for it. Now I know not everyone has the 'real' work life balance and they struggle just as much as I did but seeing everything looking perfect just made me feel how much of a failure I had become at my blog.

Truthfully, I miss it. I miss the community, I miss interacting with other bloggers but most importantly I miss being creative and sharing my latest beauty finds or my latest baking recipes. 


I'm not going to put any pressure on myself at the moment but just enjoy it again and gradually work a new routine back in to my life. 

I would love to know in the comments below if you have any struggles and how you overcome them? 

Love Gill x