Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I love a good concealer and guilty of hoarding them, I mean lets face it i'm a hoarder of every type of beauty product but concealers just do it for me that sounds kinda weird. I think a concealer just completes everything making you look like you're an awake put together adult. In reality your dying inside needing 10 cups of coffee for your brain to wake up! 

I've done similar posts to this where I battled out the bronzers and shared my Top 5 Foundations now I'm comparing the concealers.

keep on reading to find out which concealer comes out on top... 

Maybelline The Eraser - Light - This is probably the darkest out of the six of them but surprisingly still works really well on my pale skin, it's very high coverage with a sponge applicator which i really like, although not always a popular opinion. As this is quite heavy I do find it can crease quite quickly under my eyes or if I don't set it properly. Costs £7.99 

Urban Decay Naked - Fair Neutral - This is the most expensive one here coming in at £19.00. This is a super high coverage creamy concealer and is amazing for highlighting as it's such a nice light shade for me. I also use this to cover up any imperfections but doesn't work as good for those dark circles. you can see a High End vs High Street post i done on this here.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal - Ivory - This is one of my favourite under eye concealers, it's really hydrating and hardly creases on me at all, all concealers crease on my eyes but this one is minimal. It doesn't feel heavy but has the pigmentation to cover up any dark circles. Love this. Costs £7.99

L.A Girl Pro Conceal - Porcelain  - Another concealer I absolutely love, the only thing i'm not too keen on is the application as it's a brush like tip as opposed to a wand but this blends out beautifully and there are SO many shades to choose from. Read more of my opinions of this here Costs £5.00

Nyx HD Concealer - Fair, C2  - This is the only one i'm not overly fussed about, it's ok and it does the job but the packaging isn't the best. I've had 2 of these, one of them the little do foot applicator came out inside the tube and the other the black lid came off. The actual product is ok though it blends out really well and covers nicely but the others wow me a bit more. Costs £6.00

Collection Concealer - Fair - This is a staple product for me which I almost wear on the daily when I'm not trying out new concealers. I only use this under my eyes as it works so well on covering those dark circles up, there is a very slight pinky under tone to it when it starts to set in which helps cover the dark circles. It's highly pigmented and blends out beautifully, I feel like most bloggers are a massive fan of this beaut and it costs just £3.99 bargain

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite concealer is? 

Love Gill x


  1. I love the pro conceal too and feel the same way about the applicator. I usually just squeeze a bit and use my fingers to dot onto my face
    Kathy x

    1. I know it's not the best applicator but the product is good :) x

  2. I don't get on with the LA girl or the collection but glad to here you do! I'm 100% with you when it comes to the Boujois and the urban decay! I feel like you'd love the Clarins Instant concealer too!

    1. Oooh thanks for the recommendation, will definitely check out the Clarins one x

  3. I struggle with creasing under my eyes quite a lot too - so the bourjous sounds like one I should try!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. It's annoying having creases there isn't it?! I use eye cream all the time too so no idea why it happens to me

  4. So many concealers that I use here and I so agree with your opinion! I've just ordered the UD concealer as you know from my post that you commented on - I'm a big fan so hopefully I like it!
    Now following - love your blog very similar to mine aha :) x