Sunday, 23 April 2017


I went in to Boots to get a lip liner and as usual come out with stuff I don't need or maybe i do need, definitely need. I'm not going to lie I looked at all the mascara's in this range then noticed they are giving one of these cute eye masks for free with them it totally sold me. Marketing works and it works extremely well with me. 

The new Miss Baby Roll Mascara by L'oreal comes in 5 different options, Black, Black Waterproof, Lilac, Indigo and Teal. I went for black because I didn't feel brave enough for a coloured mascara but I'm now seriously thinking of getting the Indigo shade for my bottom lashes if I'm going to do a bit more of an 'out there' look. 

I don't own a mascara like this with this kind of wand, I always think these fancy wands are a bit of a fad and don't pay attention to them, it's not what makes me buy a mascara. This mascara claims to:

" Our mega curl roller brush curls lashes from the root, for an instant lash lift! The quick mega volume formula volumises lashes and holds them in a curl all day"

I can definitely say these claims are true, I definitely noticed a lot more lift in my lashes and they were more curled. I don't have straight lashes though they are naturally a little bit more curled so can't say if this will work for sure on straight lashes. I really love this and can see myself repurchasing it.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite mascara is?

Love Gill x 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


As I was scrolling through my feed reading blog posts for inspo I read Rebecca's post (From Roses) which I have linked here. Rebecca talked about being an anxious driver and just passing her test, congrats! Highly recommend you give it a read if you are currently doing driving lessons or about to sit your test.

I took inspiration from this as I remember when I was doing my lessons and just passing my test that  it was absolute hell for me and I hated What would I tell myself if I was to learn to drive again?!

1. Relax 

Easier said than done but just try to keep calm and relax and try to enjoy it. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has to learn and start from somewhere. Try your best, get the most out of your lessons and relax!

2. Don't cancel bookings 

This is one I done frequently, towards the end of my lessons I would cancel if I had a really bad lesson knowing I had another in 2 days time for 2 hours. I couldn't bear to think of going through it all again so soon. Do not cancel unless you absolutely have to, it drags it out even longer and gives you more time to panic over the small things. I would recommend getting lessons once or twice a week to get it done quicker.

3. It's OK to be anxious 

I always felt like I was being an utter fool for getting so worked up and anxious before and after lessons and even once I'd passed my test for a good while I after. I hated driving, I was soo nervous about it all the time. I would literally sweat before a lesson or once I had passed my husband asked me to pick him up and i just burst into tears because I was so anxious about driving. I finally figured out that I didn't hate driving, I just hated driving a manual car and got an automatic which literally changed my life. I have now been driving 6 years and will drive anywhere!

4. Take someone calm in the car with you 

We all know it's crazy expensive for driving lessons so it's great to go out with 'L' plates on with your mum / dad or partner to save money and get some experience. Take someone who is calm or even better someone you aren't as close to as you are less likely to argue or say you can't do it. My husband took me out a couple times and it was a disaster to say the least. He just didn't have the patience for it and was more worried about me damaging the car haha! 

5. You can go for an automatic license 

Now this isn't something many people advise and to be honest I am glad I didn't do my automatic license as i do have the option to drive a manual and learn again. As I have said, I was sooo nervous and anxious driving a manual that I knew I was a danger on the road. Yes, it comes with time and practice but for me it wasn't getting any better only worse. I knew I had to go automatic when I was driving (by myself) and my car broke down in a yellow box on one of the busiest junctions. Cars were beeping at me from every angle and I couldn't move the car. That to me was the last straw, I couldn't take it anymore and said I would never step foot in a manual car, 6 years later I've still never driven a manual again. 

6. Focus on your own driving 

This was something I did alll the time I would constantly be looking at my rear view mirror panicking that people were driving too close to me etc. My driving instructor always said to me to focus on what I am doing and where I am going not anyone behind me. Whatever happens behind you is their issue not yours, focus on what you are doing but still be vigilant we all know there are complete idiots on the roads. 

7. Don't tell people you have your test booked 

I told so many people I was going for my test and I got them all asking me when it was how i was feeling about it etc and it just added to the pressure and anxiety around it. It was even worse when I failed my first test and had to tell everyone, I decided not to tell anyone about my 2nd test apart from my husband and I'm sooo glad I done that because i didn't have that added pressure there. I did pass on my 2nd test! 


Yes, you can! Tell yourself you can and will do it, give it your all and focus. When I done my 2nd test I was all ready to go with my examiner when another guy came out with a pin stripe suit and clipboard on him and announced, I will be coming with you to examine the examiner. He sat behind me in the car and for a split second I wanted to burst into tears but thought no, I can do this, I know exactly what I am doing just get it done and I did! 

I hope this has helped some of you and let me know in the comments below if you have any tips if you are or were learning to drive? 

Love Gill x 

Sunday, 16 April 2017


I love homewear all year round but Spring homewear is just on another level. I love the white, pink and floral look which is everywhere at the moment. There is no better place to go for it than Primark, you get so much for your money which means I buy a lot more to change it around all the time oh how my husband hates it. Girls are you with me? I mean we can't have the same decor all year round can we?! 

I recently done a '5 Things To Do in Spring' post and in there I suggested you do a Spring clean overhaul which doesn't just involve cleaning but changing up the decor, I always ensure my bedroom changes around frequently. It's where I take the majority of my blog pictures but actually spend a lot of time in there chilling out, it's a lot comfier than my sofa and it's brighter in there too which tends to give me a lot more ideas for blog posts, is that strange?

Everything you see in this picture, apart from the bed, side table and lamp and my little dog of course I am in love with this bedding though, it just screams Spring. The throw and matching cushion have pom poms around the outside, the bed cover itself is just plain white and cost me £ 12 for a king size, i know! how cheap is that? and it's actually not see through! Daisy also looks like she is loving the new bedding!

One thing I do need to add to my home is flowers and plants, I loooove tulips and daffodils throughout Spring along with some nice plants although I do struggle to keep them alive, someone please give me some tips! 

What do you change in your home for Spring? I'd love to know in the comments below.

Love Gill x 

Sunday, 9 April 2017


It's that time of year where the Easter baking starts again, rather than baking cupcakes I thought i'd do a tray bake as a little change and make it super Eastery! I had a look on Pinterest and took some inspo from there to make this sweet treat. 

There will no doubt be thousands of calories in these slices but we're all allowed a little treat once in a while aren't we?! I had one slice of this and had to put it back in the fridge as I know I will be addicted to it so taking it in to work with me so I don't eat it all.

Keep on reading to find out how I made this....

You Will Need

400g Milk Chocolate
125g Golden Syup
140g Unsalted Butter
100g Mini Marshmallows
200g Digestive Biscuits
350g Mini Eggs
100g Mini Oreo Eggs (or any you like)
50g White Chocolate

To Make 

1. Line a square tin with greasproof paper
2. Melt the milk chocolate, golden syrup and butter together

3. Crush digestive biscuits leaving them chunky and mix into the chocolate mixture along with the marshmallows, Oreo Eggs and Mini Eggs, note leave some mini eggs behind for decorating.

4. Pour into tin and press down and place in fridge

5. Melt the white chocolate and put into a icing bag, cut the tip of it off and decorate over your mixture from the fridge. Crush the remaining Mini Eggs and sprinkle over.

6. Place into the fridge for a couple hours to set then enjoy!

What do you think of this recipe? let me know in the comments below. 

Love Gill x 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I love a good concealer and guilty of hoarding them, I mean lets face it i'm a hoarder of every type of beauty product but concealers just do it for me that sounds kinda weird. I think a concealer just completes everything making you look like you're an awake put together adult. In reality your dying inside needing 10 cups of coffee for your brain to wake up! 

I've done similar posts to this where I battled out the bronzers and shared my Top 5 Foundations now I'm comparing the concealers.

keep on reading to find out which concealer comes out on top... 

Maybelline The Eraser - Light - This is probably the darkest out of the six of them but surprisingly still works really well on my pale skin, it's very high coverage with a sponge applicator which i really like, although not always a popular opinion. As this is quite heavy I do find it can crease quite quickly under my eyes or if I don't set it properly. Costs £7.99 

Urban Decay Naked - Fair Neutral - This is the most expensive one here coming in at £19.00. This is a super high coverage creamy concealer and is amazing for highlighting as it's such a nice light shade for me. I also use this to cover up any imperfections but doesn't work as good for those dark circles. you can see a High End vs High Street post i done on this here.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal - Ivory - This is one of my favourite under eye concealers, it's really hydrating and hardly creases on me at all, all concealers crease on my eyes but this one is minimal. It doesn't feel heavy but has the pigmentation to cover up any dark circles. Love this. Costs £7.99

L.A Girl Pro Conceal - Porcelain  - Another concealer I absolutely love, the only thing i'm not too keen on is the application as it's a brush like tip as opposed to a wand but this blends out beautifully and there are SO many shades to choose from. Read more of my opinions of this here Costs £5.00

Nyx HD Concealer - Fair, C2  - This is the only one i'm not overly fussed about, it's ok and it does the job but the packaging isn't the best. I've had 2 of these, one of them the little do foot applicator came out inside the tube and the other the black lid came off. The actual product is ok though it blends out really well and covers nicely but the others wow me a bit more. Costs £6.00

Collection Concealer - Fair - This is a staple product for me which I almost wear on the daily when I'm not trying out new concealers. I only use this under my eyes as it works so well on covering those dark circles up, there is a very slight pinky under tone to it when it starts to set in which helps cover the dark circles. It's highly pigmented and blends out beautifully, I feel like most bloggers are a massive fan of this beaut and it costs just £3.99 bargain

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite concealer is? 

Love Gill x

Monday, 3 April 2017


Now that Spring is finally on it's way, the weather is getting a lot nicer and nights are lighter for longer woop woop we can all get out and do more exciting things and still have time to take blog photos in the evening!

I've noted the top 5 things I want to do this Spring and it may give you some ideas and inspo of what you can do too! 

1. Spring Clean Overhaul 
Now I know what you will be thinking urghh Spring clean boringgg but whilst I get things all clean I also start to change up my decor from greys to pinks and florals making everything Spring like. There is nothing better coming home when it's light at night, the house is clean and your home is all pretty!

2. Go to Beer Gardens 

Don't worry if your not a drinker, I'm not a massive drinker so sometime I like to opt for a refreshing mocktail or even a nice fresh juice. I also love a glass of  Prosecco or 2 so will be making the most of going to more places for a drink and bite to eat. 

3. Have a Picnic 

There is nothing nicer than finding some really nice gardens and having a picnic, it saves you a lot more money if you make it yourself which I find a lot more exciting too. As a dog owner it's also a lot easier to take a picnic with you as you don't need to worry about them causing chaos in Cafe's etc and you get space to yourselves whilst eating and relaxing

4. Bake some Easter goodies 

As most of you will know I am a huge fan of baking, especially at Easter times. I swear Easter chocolate is the best ever! Why don't you try out some Creme Egg Brownies, some Easter themed cupcakes or some chocolate nests? 

5. Get yourself Spring ready

When it comes to the Spring time I start to get my hair lighter and change up my make up from deep brown shadow's to shimmery pinks and tanned skin. I also get my wardrobe organised by putting my black outfits to one side and bringing in the light pinks and florals, take out the boots and in goes all the cute sandals. 

What is your favourite things to do in Spring? Let me know in the comments below so i can add to my list. 

Love Gill x