Tuesday, 21 March 2017


First of all, excuse the horrible appearance of the foundation bottles, I did try to clean them up a bit but obviously not enough!! I thought I would share with you my favourite foundations as I done a 'Battle of the Bronzers' post of my favourite bronzers and that is one of my most popular viewed posts, i will leave a link to it here.

This was a tough one to wittle it down to just 5 foundations as I have so many that I like but these are the ones i'd say I am loving at the moment and have done so for a year or so now. I'd say I have repurchased all of these foundations apart from Estee Lauder double wear purely because you don't need much at all when using it.

No messing around, let's just get straight into what foundations I am loving... 

L'Oreal True Match, 1.N Ivory 

This is probably one of the most popular foundations, I first tried this around 4 years ago when I first started watching beauty youtubers and everyone raved about it I just had to pick it up. I don't think I could count on two hands how many times I have repurchased it, I absolutely love it. It's a medium coverage with a dewy finish but defo need a powder to set this as it can slide about if you don't

L.A Girl Pro Coverage, Fair

Yes, this shade is Fair. I know. Pale girls cry with me?! I have to use this when I am tanned as you can see it's far too dark for my pale complexion but that is the only flaw it has. This gives me such a flawless look with full coverage, see my full review here.

Revlon, Buff 
I am soo glad that they finally put a pump on this foundation as it now makes it perfect for me! Revlon have such an amazing range of shades and finishes and because of this it's my go to foundation when i'm not sure what I want. This is a fairly matte finish as it's for oily skin, i meant to get it for dry skin as I have normal - dry skin but this still works absolutely fine for me, i just use less powder and top it off with a setting spray. This is a medium buildable coverage and lasts all day on my skin!

Nars Sheer Glow, Punjab 

Ahhhh another cult fave, again I bought this because of all the You Tuber's and bloggers raving about it and it's definitely worth the hype for sure. This has such an amazing full coverage making me look flawless and airbrushed, it's a dewy finish which feels amazing on my skin. I wear this to weddings and nights out or events as you don't get any flashback with it and looks amazing in photography. I can't recommend this enough 

Estee Lauder Double Wear, 1C1 Cool Bone 

This is a super full coverage flawless foundation which again is amazing for events as it's long wearing although it doesn't do well in flash photography at all, it will leave you looking very pale faced! This can sometimes be a bit drying on my skin as my skin is normal - dry I need to keep it topped up with a dewy finishing spray. If you are looking for something that is quite natural and can't feel that you are wearing make up then this definitely is not the one for you. It's pretty heavy feeling on the skin but it does give an amazing flawless look. 

What are your favourite foundations? Let me know in the comments below as I am always looking to try new ones out. 

Love Gill x


  1. These all sound so good. I am using Rimmel Match Perfection at the moment but am definitely going to try L'Oreal True Match too x

    1. I love Rimmel match too! that's another one which is pretty long lasting x

  2. I can't believe that L.A Girl Foundation is in the shade fair, that's not even close to being fair! The Nars Sheer Glow, is my absolute fave!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

    1. I know it's crazy isn't it?! I had seen reviews saying it wasn't Fair etc but thought it can't be tooo bad, yep it is lol !!

  3. Your tattoo is really cute! I remember trying NARS Sheer Glow a couple of times and agree it is really lovely.

    Alice // alicemaysnell

    1. ahh thanks lovely! yep, i do love Nars Sheer Glow! :)

  4. Wow, Estee Lauder used to be my fave as well a few years a go.

    Great choices!!



    1. it's such a good heavy duty foundation ! x