Thursday, 16 March 2017


I've been blogging for around 2.5 years now using a laptop and I found it was making my back sore from being hunched over or I would take it away from my desk and sit on the couch or lie in my bed and just procrastinate! Since I also work from home once or twice a week I felt I needed a solution to the aches and pains and help my concentration. 

I thought since I already have a desk I should get myself a desktop computer but didn't want a big bulky base unit little did I know you can get all in one desktop computers now! I don't know where I have been when this was going on, I thought it was just an apple thing and I defo do not have the budget for that!

I'm sooo pleased with my cute desktop pc and of course it had to be white !! I opted for the HP basic model as it will do me for now, I didn't want to go all out in case I didn't like it or use it much. You can also get these in touch screen format which is very fancy, I just don't like the thought of touching the screen on something like this. 

What have the benefits been you may ask?

It has definitely improved my posture and helped my back and shoulders from being hunched over

I can see things so much better and has worked wonders when I am editing pictures

I can concentrate so much more because I'm not constantly aware of my back aching or zooming in on everything to see things clearer

I actually want to sit at my desk and it makes me feel more in work mode and once i'm finished the computer gets turned off and i can relax then go on my phone on social media haha

What sort of computer do you work from? Let me know in the comments below 

Love Gill x 


  1. I need to make the switch! I use a laptop and I have for my entire blog's life. I'm constantly sitting in random and weird positions that always give me a sore back in the end! Once we finish moving house I'm seriously considering getting a desktop computer. Plus, I think it's great to have a separate work space. It makes it so much easier to unwind. xx


    1. It's definitely helped my back and gave me a workspace where other places of my house now feel like my relaxing space not my blogging space - i love it x

  2. This post has really inspired me to make the switch, I also love the fact that this isn't an Apple computer, as they've never taken my fancy, but I thought they were the only company that did computers like this! Your desk layout is so pretty too! x

    1. I know i thought that for soo long too and you can pick these up at quite a good price, they range from really affordable depending on your budget and needs. i wished i'd done it sooner x

  3. It makes a massive difference in everything I do when I switch from sitting in bed with my laptop to sitting at a table with it! Great post lovely x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  4. I've been looking at changing to a desktop too, I think I'd get so much more work done that way! xx

  5. I love the idea of a desktop; they're so aesthetically pleasing and would probably improve my posture sitting at a desk instead of my bed! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

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