Thursday, 2 February 2017

Secret Scent Box + Discount Code

Who doesn't love trying out new scents? certainly not me, I could spend ages going around the perfumes smelling them all until I can't smell anymore! Sometimes you smell far too many that you can't even decide what you like anymore and want to be able to wear them throughout the day first to see how they develop on your skin. No one likes pushy sales assistants rushing you into a decision then end up not liking the perfume anymore.... goodbye £50!!

This is where Secret Scent Box comes in!

Secret Scent Box is a subscription box for men and women costing £15 per month (free delivery) for 3 x 3ml scents, you don't get to pick which scents you get as it's a secret of course! I really like the concept of this as it gives it an element of surprise but you also get to try scents you would never pick yourself and may end up really loving them but if you don't love it well at least you aren't stuck with a full bottle you wont use and a light purse. Included in the box is a little description card of each perfume so you know which scents are in each one.

February's box includes Calvin Klein CK Shock, Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl and Tom Ford Orchid Soleil. When I noticed Tom Ford was in there I just about died not gonna lie I loooove Tom Ford, I bought a Tom Ford aftershave for my husband and I just love it I really wanted to get a little scent for myself but could never justify the cost.
Calvin Klein CK shock is a sweet fruity floral scent, very feminine probably based towards a younger audience but I absolutely love it, it's the kind of scent I usually go for
Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl is very fresh and a lot more floral than CK shock which I really like but if you aren't a fan of rose floral scents you probably wont like this as it's very rose scented
Tom Ford Orchid Soleil is very deep and sexy kind of smell, it's definitely geared towards the adult generation as opposed to teenagers. It's quite woody and bitter but still feminine, I will definitely be using this when I go out to dinner with the husband
I think this is such an amazing subscription box, I was a little unsure if I thought it was a bit too expensive for small samples but considering 3ml Tom Ford samples retail for around £10 on sample sites I think this box is completely worth the money if you are getting high end brands in it. You can also cancel at any time which is also very appealing if you only want to try it a couple of times.
Want to try it too? you can get 15% off with my code: GILLMCLAUGHLIN15 at
Let me know what you think in the comments below?
Love Gill x
Note: I was gifted this item but have not been paid to review.

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