Tuesday, 28 February 2017



What a quick month February has been! It's been cold and wet for most of February but then there's not much change there living in Scotland. I'm such a winter girl but I'm really looking forward to the spring and summer to get rid of the rain for the most part.

I'm still loving all of last months favourites which you can read about here and using them on the daily, the other products I have been using everyday which I actually wanted to show some of last month too but like to keep the selection fairly small otherwise you would be here all day reading about my favourite products! Anyway.. February faves are...

Maybelline New York Bronzer in 'Blonde' this works great for me when i'm slightly paler or only want a very natural bronze as it's quite light and not super pigmented for that reason but I really enjoy using this for work as it's very natural and the added highlight to it gives a nice healthy glow

The foundation I have been using for quite some time is LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in the shade 'Fair' which isn't actually very fair I need to use this when I have a slight bit of fake tan on, have a read at my full review here

One of my favourite skincare items to use is eye cream, I never used to spend too much money on them but as soon as I went high end I noticed a vast difference in quality. I've heard so many raving reviews about Khiels products so wanted to give them a go and i'm not disappointed at all. I can't recommend the Khiels Creamy Eye Treatment enough, it has helped my dehydrated skin around my eyes and also feels amazing to put on.

Next up is my 2 In 1 Primer & Setting Spray by Rimmel this has seriously changed my make up game, my make up goes on so much nicer and gives a more flawless finish when using it as a primer and it also sets my make up really nice too, full review here

Last but not least are the Primark Lip Liners I also done a full review on these here as I wasn't sure if they would be any good but they are absolutely amazing. I wear these almost every day I just wish they had a bigger shade range, hopefully they will release more in the future.

What have you been loving this February? Let me know in the comments below

Love Gill x  


  1. I have kept looking at the Rimmel spray but hadn't seen anyone talk about! I will definitely be picking it up now.


    1. I actually love it, it's honestly changed my make up so much just by using it as both a primer and setting spray. x

  2. I never really use eye creams or treatments but need to start since I have such bad under eye circles
    Kathy x

    1. yeah you should get yourself an eye cream it will prolong any wrinkles that may appear when you get older. The better you look after your skin now the longer it will stay nice and healthy x

  3. Sounds like I need to give that primer and setting spray a go!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. You totally should, i actually love it so much!! x

  4. Love this! Thanks for sharing x