Sunday, 12 February 2017

Half Price Ted Baker Bag!

This is the sort of thing that happens when I go "browsing" in shops, I fall in love with items and when they are the last one sitting on the shelf well then I couldn't leave it behind could I ?!

I wandered in to TK Maxx and the first thing at the door were Ted Baker bags, not gona lie I just about passed out. I've been wanting a Ted Baker bag for the longest time but never wanted to splash the cash for one. This was the last one left in immaculate condition and I loved it then I looked at the price tag and couldn't believe the price, originally £160 down to £80, yes just £80 for this beaut! 

I walked around the shop with it because I didn't want anyone to take it and had a look to see if they had any Ted Baker purses in stock which sadly they didn't. However, I glanced at this Dune coin purse (£12.99) and fell in love and thought it perfectly matched the bag and would fit really nice since the bag is smaller. I have a thing where I need to have a purse to match my bag please tell me there are other people out there like this?!!
After finding the purse it was a match made in heaven, they were both the last ones left it was meant to be, now in my safe little hands. I use these for my work on a daily basis and it works perfectly for me, the bag is just the right size it's not too big to gather loads of rubbish, you do need to be strict with how much you carry in this but it's also big enough for your essentials like 10 lipsticks that you NEED to carry with you.

This bag also comes with a shoulder strap which you can detach if you like but I keep it on as it's easier to carry when you have lots of shopping bags, just fling it over your shoulder and away you go!
Let me know in the comments below what the best bargain you have found is?
Love Gill x


  1. Such a steal! It's gorgeous, and I love the coin purse too!xx

    Lucy x |

  2. What a bargain! It is gorgeous. I also love the leopard print on the Dune purse!

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | Instagram

  3. Oh my gosh, £80.. What a bargain! I need to go to TKmaxx more often! x


  4. I never find any of these bargains in TK Maxx, everything seems to be open or broken! This bag is such a good find, especially for £80 that's incredible! x