Sunday, 5 February 2017

DIY Valentines Chocolate Bark

Valentines is coming up so I thought what a great excuse to bake something and share my recipe but in all honesty I had zero creative thoughts and lacking energy so thought I would make something quick, simple and yummy..... Chocolate Bark.
I've never made this before but seen it everywhere and it looks ahhhhmazing, since Valentines is on a weekday aint nobody got time to be faffin' around so this is super easy and super quick especially for men! Girls, share this post with your man to hint if you would like this made for you this Valentines. Because I mean who wouldn't?!
All you need is your favourite chocolate, are you a Cadbury or Galaxy girl?! Some greaseproof paper (cling film will also work) and sprinkles.

Lay out your greaseproof paper or cling film on a tray and melt your chocolate over the hob or in the microwave which is what I done but be careful to bring it out every few seconds to stir so it doesn't stick or burn, bring it out as soon as its melted, if there are a couple lumps just keep stirring and they will melt in, no need to put it back in the microwave.
Spread out your melted chocolate over your paper or cling film in a rectangle shape and sprinkle those sprinkles! Pop into the fridge for a couple hours to set then break it up into pieces, ready to enjoy and indulge!
Let me know in the comments below if you celebrate Valentines?
Love Gill x


  1. This looks adorable! It sounds so easy to make, and the sprinkles look too cute! x

  2. This is such a cute idea, but also seems so easy! I definitely want to try this 😍 xx x

    1. yayy hope you like it if you make it x

  3. Replies
    1. it's so tasty!! I want to make it again lol x