Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Monthly Favourites | January

It's been so long since I last done a monthly favourites and I miss doing these kind of posts so much. They are one of my favourites to read because I get to see products which I may not have seen before or had been looking at but never knew whether or not to purchase.
Let's just get straight into it, first up is my beloved Ben Nye Banana Powder a cult beauty product within the make up artistry industry this sets my face so well without causing flashback which is great for weddings or nights out when you are getting pictures taken
Urban Decay Naked Concealer is one of my favourite concealers for brightening and covering up any imperfections, it's really thick and creamy with high pigmentation. I done a post on it comparing it to a high street concealer here
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in the shade Bitch Perfect is just that... perfect! I love this and have worn it soo much although am a bit too scared to use it too much as I don't want it to run out lol It's a great everyday shade and you can see my swatches of it here
My everyday make up palette is the MakeUp Revolution Shade & Light this is just great for work as it's cheap so no need to panic about using it too quick lol you have a look at further details of it here which is a great dupe for the Kat Von D palette
How could I have a favourites post without a highlighter? The hyped up Becca Champagne Pop is definitely worth the hype, it's super pigmented super glowy and shimmery. I use this on an almost daily basis because..... highlight on fleeeeek!
What are your monthly favourites? Please leave in the comments below so I can check them out
Love Gill x  

Sunday, 29 January 2017

DIY Pinterest Mug Personalisation

This is my first ever DIY post, not gonna lie I was extremely nervous to do this purely because I had never done it before and didn't want it to be a complete and utter fail. I'm actually quite impressed with how I have done though. I wanted to start with something easy so decided I would do a little DIY personalisation mug and went all out with the glitter kind of. I didn't want it to be OTT just subtle pretty and cute, I think I got the balance right?
So how did I do this?
I bought a plain white mug from Tesco which cost £3.50 (you can get white mugs cheaper from so many other places, I just liked this style). You will also need PVA glue, glitter, an old brush and some sharpies which I already had which was ideal for this.
I used my old foundation brush to put on pva glue to the bottom rim of the mug and sprinkled fine gold glitter on top and tapped off the excess, I just put a little bit glue over the places it looked a little sparse and sprinkled more glitter on and done the exact same on the handle. I let this dry for a little bit before drawing on the little face with my sharpies, I had to go over the black a few times to get it really opaque. I let this all dry for a good few hours and then popped it into the oven heated at 180 c for 15mins. Let it cool down completely and wipe clean

Note: if you are using this for drinking from you will need to varnish the glitter, as this is a decorative piece for me I have not varnished it.
Have you ever done a DIY post? Let me know in the comments below
Love Gill x

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Top 5 Nude Lipsticks

It's no secret that I'm a little bit of a lipstick junkie, okay a full blown lipstick junkie! I love all formulas in every colour and every format but in particular I love nudes ooh err. They are just so easy to wear and go with every outfit you don't even need to think about what shade to wear as all of them will go with everything.
Because I love them so much I thought I would share my top 5 with you all to maybe give you some inspo and have a look at them in stores for yourselves, you wont regret it! Keep on reading to find out which nudes I'm loving at the moment.....

 First up is Mac Faux which is a pinky nude in a satin formula, it's super pigmented and feels so nourishing on the lips, this is my everyday workwear lippy.
Then we have Maybelline Nude Embrace which is a matte light nude shade, this doesn't dry my lips out at all and applies super easy which is why it has made it to my top 5
MaxFactor Simply Nude is a new lipstick to my collection but I love it, I prefer this on me when I'm fake tanned as I get better colour pay off but when I'm pale it's definitely a my lips but better shade, this is in a cremesheen formula.
Next up we have a gloss which is Soap & Glory Nudist this is super pigmented and one of the nicest glosses I think I own, this also works great for layering on top of other lipsticks

Last but by no means least we have NYX Lingerie - Corset these are one of the best matte liquid lipsticks I have used. Corset is definitely an everyday wearable shade for my skin tone, you can see the other shades I have swatched and reviewed here
I would love to know in the comments below what your favourite nude lipstick is?
Love Gill x

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Is Primark make up any good?!

When I was in Primark treating myself a few weeks ago, you can see my haul here I decided to pick up some of their lip liners. I've heard amazing reviews on their make up albeit not all of it but their lip liners seem to be a massive hit so I thought I would try them out and put them to the test.

I only picked up 3 shades as I didn't want to waste them in case I didn't like them, I got Desert Sand, Rosewood Mauve and Toffee. They are 1.6g each which is pretty much standard for a lip liner and £1.00 each, yes, a quid!

I actually think the packaging looks pretty luxe for the price and love the coloured lids as it's so easy to find what shade I want, I store mine standing in a little acrylic pot.

The pencil itself has a really soft and creamy texture to it which makes it easy to apply and also fill in the rest of your lips as some pencils are too hard which makes it feel like you're cutting your lips. This just glides over nicely and blends in well if you make a mistake

From L-R, Desert Sand, Rosewood Mauve, Toffee
The longevity of these pencils are pretty decent, if you fill in all your lips it makes the lipstick stick to it more and last longer. I've used matte, satin and glosses with these liners and they all hold really good. I noticed when I drink or eat they do wear off quicker than some higher end lip liners but bearing in mind they are only £1.00 it's amazing value for money and would highly recommend

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any Primark make up?

Love Gill x

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

High End vs High Street Concealer

 Concealer is something that I love to buy and try out, it's probably one of the most boring beauty buys but for some reason I just love it. Surprisingly I don't have a huge concealer collection as I tend to work my way through them extremely quickly.

I'm testing out High End vs High Street concealer with Urban Decay Naked Concealer and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer the price brackets are pretty far apart with UD being £17.50 and Collection at £4.19 keep on reading to find out if I choose High End or High Street...

There is no doubt about it that Urban Decay have definitely spent a lot more money on their packaging than Collection which takes into account the price. UD have a lovely sleep glass bottle which a chrome/silver lid, very professional looking. Collection is very simple and cheap looking with a plastic bottle and black lid, nothing too fancy. The wands are different too, UD have a more flat wand and picks up a lot of product, the Collection wand is a doe foot wand and also picks up a lot of product just not as much as UD. It's the product that counts though right?!

As you can see from the swatches above, the Naked concealer is a lot more pigmented and thick and creamy where as the Collection one is slightly less pigmented and slightly oxidises, this is still a thick concealer with full coverage. Urban Decay is a very neutral undertone and Collection has a bit more of a pink undertone in comparison. The Collection concealer works a lot better at covering up dark circles under my eyes due to the pink undertone, whilst the Urban Decay one looks good it doesn't cover the dark circles as good but covers up imperfections amazingly well.
The longevity of these concealers are pretty similar, they both last extremely well and none of them tend to crease under my eyes.
Final Thoughts

I think they are both amazing for different things. I tend not to use the UD concealer under my eyes but use for brightening and also imperfections as it hides everything. The Collection concealer works really well under the eyes for dark circles and just not as well for imperfections as I find it does tend to oxidise slightly. If you are blessed and have little to no dark under eye circles I highly recommend UD concealer but for those of you with dark under circles it may not work as well for that, you would be better with the Collection concealer
Let me know in the comments below if you have used either of these concealers?
Love Gill x

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Winter Primark Haul 2017

It's been a while since I posted a Primark haul, I've been to Primark quite a few times since I last posted one it's just something I tend to never share really. This time I picked up quite a few cute homewear items as well as clothing and thought you may like to see what I picked up. You can also have a read at my last haul here, 2015 is when I last posted one, whaat?!
As you can see from the display picture I picked up this cute Sandalwood Rose scented candle which smells amaaaazing it is very floral rose scented which I know isn't too much of a popular scent but I love it and it's pink. They had quite a few different scents, for £2.00 I thought that was pretty good as the jar it comes in looks a bit more expensive.

I also picked up this cute little plant in a white jar for £5.00, again amazing price and will go really well in blog photos and just adds a bit more fresh colour to the room. There is no way i'd be able to keep a real plant alive for too long haha.

 I noticed my Primark finally had stationary in stock as the past few times I've been in I could never find any. I loved Gabriella's range and wanted to pick everything up but as my basket was already heavy I only got the sticky notes set for £3.50 I love sticky notes and they will certainly come in handy. I also got the cute marble notebook for £2.50, every blogger needs an endless amount of notebooks, this will fit in nicely with the little collection I have going.

I've never tried Primark make up as yet and heard a lot of great things about it especially the lip liners so I decided to pick 3 shades up for £1.00 each what a bargain! I will be doing a post on my full review of them. I need to get back and try more of their make up.


I saw this denim shirt when I was in a few weeks back and really liked it but didn't pick it up so when I went in again and saw it I put it straight in my basket. I wore this with black jeans and beige western style ankle boots which looked so good, I can't wait to keep wearing it and for £12.00 you really can't go wrong with that price.

I also picked up this lovely pink jumper for £10.00 which I can wear to work with some black trousers and a cream or white blouse underneath or dress it down with some black or grey jeans with a denim shirt underneath.
I really want to go back to Primark now as there are so many other things I wish I picked up but didn't, keep your eyes peeled for another Primark haul soon lol.
Let me know in the comments below what you always pick up in Primark.
Love Gill x

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette Dupe

 If there are any palettes I love most it's eye palettes! I just don't love the price of them, it's so hard to get a really good eye palette for a decent price. Don't get me wrong if I could have high end eye palettes I sooo would but let's be real I just can not afford to splurge on them lol.
I wasn't so upset about it when I noticed this palette in Superdrug at the Make Up Revolution section, I don't know how long this has been released but I hadn't seen it before and my reaction was whaaaaat Kat Von D?! Yes please, get in my basket.

After the excitement calmed down I did wonder if it would be any good since I got myself so hyped up about it I was slightly worried I'd be disappointed, there was no need! I LOVE it. This has become my everyday eye palette I use for work. I use my MAC palette at the weekends, you can see my review on the Warm Neutral palette here

The shades are beautiful and on the warm side so if you prefer warm shades this is definitely the one for you. They blend sooo easy I was actually really surprised at how quick I was able to do a warm smokey eye with this.
It also comes with a little highlight contour and blush shade which is amazing for travelling as it massively reduces the amount of products you would need to carry around with you. I may go ahead and buy another one so I can keep one in my bag with me for emergencies and that ya know?!

For just £8.00 you can get this palette at Superdrug or the Make Up Revolution website 
Let me know in the comments below what your favourite eye palette is?
Love Gill x   

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Husband Does My Blog Post | Living with a Blogger

I've been loving the 'Husband/Boyfriend does my Voiceover' and all those related type of videos but I've never read any blog posts where the Husband or Boyfriend takes over. My husband jokingly said to me the other day, let me write on your blog and so I took him up on it much to his surprise lol!

I wanted to keep it simple for him so have tasked him to write about what it's like living with a blogger. I was going to get him to do something beauty related but thought it would end up being a whole 2 lines! You never know if this goes well he may well be back talking about the latest beauty releases haha!

Over to my Husband, Shane......

Hi my name is Shane and I'm going to write a quick post on my wife being a blogger, it has its good and its bad points. I love the peace and quiet I get when she is blogging or chatting about handbags and makeup etc on twitter. It means I can watch the telly in peace, she puts her wee heart and soul into taking pictures and writing a blog, I sometimes help her take pictures etc but not that much I prefer to stay out the way and let her crack on with it.

I now know the names of a few bloggers like Zoella, Tanya Burr, Kandee Johnston and I have seen a few of their videos aswell. The bad points are that she always takes pictures at my side of the bed meaning I cant use my bedside table and always uses blogging  as an excuse to spends lots of money on make up etc but I don't complain as this is her hobby and its what she loves to do.  

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Homemade Cinnamon Banana Pancakes

There is nothing I love more than making some pancakes for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner or even a snack because why not?!

Pancakes are so versatile, you can make them super healthy by using protein powder and banana's topped off with some blueberry's but ain't nobody getting excited over that we want indulgence and this is just the one, with a slight bit of health! lol. These are sooo easy to make and you will never want to go back to those shop bought ones, if you make these good you will notice a serious difference to shop bought they are just not nice at all and I used to love them.

You will need:

3 Large Eggs
115g Plain Flour
1 heaped tsp of Baking Powder
140ml milk
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 Banana
Toffee Sauce or Golden Syrup

To Make:

1. Heat a non stick pan on a low to medium heat, do not put oil or butter in.
2. Separate the eggs putting the whites into your whisking bowl and the yolks into another bowl

3. Add the Flour, Baking Powder and Milk into your yolks and mix until combined

4. Whisk your egg whites in your KitchenAid or electric hand whisk until they look all foamy and you can tip the bowl upside down without it falling out

5. fold this into your batter mixture, be careful not to mix this in as you don't want to lose the air in it, you just need to fold in gently until combined

6. Use a ladel to pour a scoop into your heated pan. You should leave it in there until the mixture starts bubbling then it's time to flip over.

7. Meanwhile cut your banana into slices and rub your cinnamon onto them then gently fry in a frying pan or leave them cold if preferred.

8. Layer your pancakes with toffee sauce or syrup in between and top it off with your cinnamon bananas and a good drizzle of sauce.

Let me know in the comments below if you will be making these or what your favourite topping for pancakes is?  
Love Gill x

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Best Eye Palette? MAC x15 Warm Neutral Palette

As a lot of you saw on my 'what I got for Christmas | Beauty' post my lovely husband bought me the MAC x15 warm neutral palette which I was super excited about and a lot of you were too and couldn't wait to find out my thoughts so here it is!
I much prefer warm tone shadows to cool tone as I love a good bronze so feel warm eyes always go a little bit better. As you can see this is a x15 pan shadow palette with 7 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades. They also vary a lot in warmth which I love as none are overly similar they all have a different depth to them.

The size of this palette is actually really good, it's big enough but still small enough to travel with although wont fit in your make up bag unless its a biggie! I wouldn't need to take any other shadows with me travelling as everything I need is in this palette which I don't often find as I usually need to take a couple with me if I want a darker crease etc but everything I need is in this beaut.

Anyway, onto the actual shadows themselves like any the lighter shades aren't as pigmented but there are a couple in there which are my exact skin tone which I will use a lot to get flawless eye lids lol does anyone even say that?! the darker shades are a lot more pigmented and the shimmers, well they are just out of this world.

All the shadows have a real soft creamy texture to them although they aren't cream you can just tell they are top quality. As I said before the lighter shades are a lot more heavily swatched to show up on my skin but as some of them are my actual skin tone it's hard for them to show up.
I've done quite a few smokey eyes with this palette now and the shadows blend out beautifully, just go easy on the darker shades as they are really pigmented, I got a bit of a surprise when I put too much on my brush lol.

I've noticed with some of the shimmer shades that I get a bit of fallout with them but not too much, I find if I spray my brush with a bit of setting spray and pack it on there isn't as much to no fall out at all.

I love the fact that they have 3 gold shimmer shades in this palette at all different shades as there will be one to suit everyone, they have a real yellow gold, a more orange bronze gold and then just proper gold! which you can see from the picture below they are all on the last row of the palette. Some people may think how many gold shades do you need in one palette but I find this genius as people prefer a certain type of gold shadow so they have covered them all.

In terms of longevity they last really well, I wore mine all day boxing day and it stayed put although I do always use an eye primer underneath shadows. I think they will still last for quite some time without a primer as they are good quality. If you don't have any eye primers or don't want to use one I would also recommend the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk as a base and then pop shadows on top as it will keep everything in place for longer.

In terms of cost this is £49.50 which you can get from MAC who are currently doing 10% off orders for first time buyers on their site or Debenhams.

Is it worth this cost? Yes, it is pricey but you are paying for quality and I do highly recommend this however there are other palettes out there which are similar and equally as good quality for a cheaper price you just need to shop around for what you are looking for.

I hope this has helped you all and let me know in the comments below what your favourite eye palette is.
Love Gill x

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017 - Blog Planner Included

 Happy New Year!

It's 2017, yes, 2017! I remember like it was just yesterday when I was saying, or typing that I couldn't believe it was 2016. If you haven't already checked out my round up post on 2016 you can have a little read at it here.
This year I really want to set myself some proper goals as I didn't do it for 2016 so I want to be on track this year and improve on as much as I possibly can. It will also be nice to keep track of where I am now and where I will be in exactly 1 years time.
My top blog goals for 2017:

* Improve my photography

* Schedule more posts

* Become more organised

* Interact a lot more on social media

* Get numbers up;

* Bloglovin - I'd like to be at 1k (currently 510)

* Twitter - I'd like to be at 2k (currently 1268)

Instagram - I'd like to be at 1k (currently 828)
 Although numbers aren't everything, it is so inspiring when you do gain more followers and people are reading your content leaving comments and following you on social media it gives such a huge confidence booster. I'm not sure if some of my numbers are unrealistic but i'm gona try my hardest this year.

In terms of getting more organised and scheduling more posts I know I had to do something to keep this on track so I've made myself a printable weekly planner which I'm going to keep on my desk and plan plan plan! I've attached the planner as a picture in this post which you can save and print but happy to send you the document if you want to amend, leave a comment below.

Let me know in the comments below what your top goals for 2017 are?

Love Gill x