Thursday, 1 December 2016

25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Can you hear that? No?! It's my squeals of excitement that it's the 1st of December - CHRISTMAS!

If you can't already tell I am soooo excited that December is here, time to get those decorations out, make some yummy gingerbread hot chocolates and get into the festive mood.

I attempted Blogmas last year but it soon became too much for me to keep on top of with work and everyday life really so I will be doing around 3-4 posts a week instead keeping them very festive to get us all excited in the run up to Christmas itself.

A lot of us struggle for ideas when we are doing Blogmas or just Christmas posts in general so I thought a Christmas blog post ideas would be beneficially to a lot of people. Here we go....
1 - Maybe a post just like this, a blog post idea?
2 - Sharing your beauty advent calendars, or any festive calendar.
3 - What's in my bag Christmas edition
4 - How I decorate my Christmas gifts
5 - Festive Lush Haul
6 - Christmas Jumper Collection
7 - Festive Baking
8 - Festive Drinks.... yumm  Hot Chocolates
9 - Christmas Day Make Up / OOTD
10 - My Christmas Eve Routine
11 - Christmas Party Dresses
12 - Christmas Wishlist
13 - Gift Guides
14 - Favourite Christmas Movies
15 - Christmas Markets
16 - Top tips to get Festive
17 - Christmas Giveaway
18 - Christmas DIY's
19 - Christmas Tag, there are lot's of them :)
20 - Top Christmas Beauty Kits
21 - Monday Manicure: Christmas Edition
22 - My Favourite Moments in 2015
23 - What I got for Christmas
24 - Best Boxing Day Sale Deals
25 - Goals for 2017
So there are my Blog Post Ideas: Christmas Edition, I hope you liked this and it helps inspire you to write up some festive posts this December.
Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Christmas posts are?
Love Gill x

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