Friday, 30 December 2016

Saying Goodbye to 2016

I think we can all agree that 2016 hasn't been the best year for a lot of us and we will be glad to see it go and get into 2017.
I had some things go on in work this year and also been trying to get my underactive thyroid fully diagnosed going through test after test for over a year now and I am finally starting to get somewhere with it so hopefully next year it will all be resolved.
In terms of my blog it hasn't been a good year for me really, I haven't put the same effort in this year than I did last year purely because I've had so much stuff going on in my personal life and being unwell with my thyroid has made me extremely tired and unmotivated the last thing i wanted to do was come home and sit on my laptop after a full day work.
Now that things are getting better I will be making myself a planner to plan out my posts a lot more and become way more organised and take some of the stress away by forward planning. I also got this cute Kate Spade diary from my brother and sister-in-law in the picture which will also help me keep my life on track.

I didn't really make goals for this year but you can see from my New Year post here that i wanted to stop stressing and worrying as much this year which was a complete FAIL lol and to lose some weight which was also a fail haha. Oh well!!

I will be putting up my goals on NY day for 2017 so have a look out for that.
How was your year in 2016? Let me know in the comments below.
Love Gill x

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas | Beauty Edition

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, I spent it with family having a break from all social media and giving myself time to relax for the new year.
I got quite a few make up bits this year thanks to my lovely husband who took me out shopping for what I wanted as he wouldn't have a clue what to buy me. I am SO excited at the stuff he got for me and have got a few of my first ever beauty brands!

As like all of these posts, a quick disclaimer that this isn't to brag about anything, I got quite a few make up pieces which I thought some of you may like to have a read about and be nosey, let's be honest us beauty bloggers are a bit nosey when it comes to make up lol.
So what did I get I get you ask?!

Make Up Revolution Highlight, Contour and Blush palette

MAC x15 Warm Palette

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Urban Decay Naked Concealer

Kiehl's Eye Cream

MAC Lippy in 'Whirl'

MAC Lipliner in 'Whirl'

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in 'Bitch Perfect'
I also got a ridiculous amount of bath bombs and bath products, my family know me so well lol I think I have enough to last me until next Christmas.

I hope you all got what you wished for but most importantly spent some valuable time with your friends and family having an amazing time. Now I need to start planning for 2017, can you believe in 4 days it will be 2017?! Where is the time going!!

Let me know in the comments below what you got for Christmas or a link to your post

Love Gill x  

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Festive Lush Haul

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a festive Lush haul now would it?! There is nothing better on a cold winter night than running yourself a hot bath and popping in some amazingly scented Christmas bath bomb... ahhh!

There were quite a few new releases this year which I was super excited about, I did only get a few though as Lush was super busy as usual at this time of year so I picked up most of the classics which come back year after year as I know I love them.
What did I pick out you may be wondering? Read on to find out and everything will be linked.
1- Star Dust £2.95 Fresh vanilla scented bath bomb

2- Magic Wand £5.95 Bubble bar in the classic Snow Fairy scent makes amazing bubbles

3- Butterbear  £1.95 - infused with cocoa butter this little bear leaves your skin so soft

4- Snow Angel £4.25 - such an amazing sweet marzipan scent with glitter love it

5- Luxury Lush Pud £4.25 This is a very relaxing bath bomb with lavender and super colourful

6- Father Christmas £3.75  this also has the same snow fairy scent just a little more muted and he doesn't make your bath Red....

7- Golden Wonder £4.25 - One of my faves and an absolute classic

8- Never Mind the Ballistics £4.25 - this is a new one, smells very fruity with a wax type layer to it to moisturise your skin in the bath

9- So White £3.75 another classic and they have changed it slightly this year by adding a little leave to make it look like an apple to match it's scent
10- Mistletoe £4.25 I believe this is also a new addition, smells very floral and looks amazing

11- Rose Jam Shower Gel £4.95 Smells floral which is pretty obvious by the name lol but I just love this shower gel!
I wish I could afford to buy lush goodies all the time and have a bath every night but at least when I do it's an exciting treat. Be sure to watch out on my instagram for some pictures of these bath bombs in action.

Let me know in the comments below what your fave Lush product is?
Love Gill x

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Putting up my Christmas tree has to be one of the most exciting things ever, it gets me into the Christmas spirit and I just love all the sparkle and glitter !

I put my tree up on the 1st of December, it would be rude not to wouldn't it?! I decided to go for a white and gold theme this year although could probably do with a little more gold tinsel and baubles on the tree, yay to more shopping!

I got my white tree from The Range last year for around £50, there weren't too many around last year but this year I have seen quite a few of them to choose from ranging in prices.

I got all the white baubles from The Range, the Gold baubles are from Tesco and the cute little pink & white candy canes from B&M Bargains last year, don't worry they aren't for eating I use them for decoration only.

Tesco had some amazing baubles in this year in a variety of colours, they had a huge amount of white, silver and gold though so get yourselves down to Tesco if your looking for some cute ones like I have in the pictures.
I also got the white mini bauble lights from Tesco, I actually find it really hard to find lights for a whole tree with white or clear wiring, unless I am just looking in all the wrong places?! M&S had some in stock but they were way too much money, it would have cost me around £40 for the box I would of needed whereas these ones from Tesco cost around £8, a fraction of the price.
I really love my tree this year and also have my wrapping paper to match the white and gold theme, I'm turning into someone with no life haha!
Let me know what theme you have gone for this year in the comments below.
Love Gill x

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mini Soap & Glory Haul

Soap & Glory are becoming one of my favourite make up brands, their skincare is just to die for and I am starting to feel the same about their make up. Their eyebrow products have always been a favourite of mine so I thought I would delve a little deeper and try out some more products they have to offer, because why on earth not?!

Another thing I love about Soap & Glory are the offers they usually have in boots, they frequently have 3 for 2 offers on which is always a bonus to get something for free and have you seen their Christmas gifts? oh please Santa let me have them!

You can have a little browse over here or in store to have a look at what they have to offer but let's jump in to what goodies I decided to go for.
1 - Thick & Fast Mascara

I don't think I have ever tried out a S&G mascara before but these are pretty good and reminds me of some of the YSL mascara's not only the packaging but the cute brush wand this mascara has, it's super easy to coat your lashes and also delicate enough for the bottom lashes

2 - Extreme Plump

Something I never use is plumping glosses, I think the last time I tried them was when I was 10! To be honest I didn't think they were even a thing anymore but not gona lie it was the packaging that caught my eye and I decided why not, let's get my lips plumped. It gives a nice tingly feeling to your lips and make them feel plumped but not sure they look it.
3 - Glow All Out Highlight

Who doesn't love a good highlight? I'm starting to get a wee collection of highlighters now but very little cream ones so thought this would fit in well to my collection and something for me to try out when going for the dewy look

4 - Sexy Mother Blusher

Again, I have very limited cream products so decided to pick up a cream blush, I went for this gorgeous coral shade, I think this will look amazing in the spring / summer time for a barely there look.

That was my mini Soap & Glory haul, let me know in the comments below what your favourite products are from this brand?
Love Gill x

Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs

As you are all probably very aware, I am obsessed with my little pooch Daisy and at Christmas time I tend to get a little carried away as she is my little child lol. She gets spoilt just like an actual human child would be at Christmas time.
I know I am not the only one out there who obsesses over their pooches and love to spoil them so I thought I would do a Dog's Christmas Gift Guide cos why not?! They deserve a good ol' treat just as much as we do.
I could have gone mad with this one but decided to tame it down a little bit and wittle it down to just 5 goody ideas all linked below:
I loved doing this post and thought it was something a little bit different, let me know if you buy your pets Christmas pressies?
Love Gill x

Thursday, 1 December 2016

25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Can you hear that? No?! It's my squeals of excitement that it's the 1st of December - CHRISTMAS!

If you can't already tell I am soooo excited that December is here, time to get those decorations out, make some yummy gingerbread hot chocolates and get into the festive mood.

I attempted Blogmas last year but it soon became too much for me to keep on top of with work and everyday life really so I will be doing around 3-4 posts a week instead keeping them very festive to get us all excited in the run up to Christmas itself.

A lot of us struggle for ideas when we are doing Blogmas or just Christmas posts in general so I thought a Christmas blog post ideas would be beneficially to a lot of people. Here we go....
1 - Maybe a post just like this, a blog post idea?
2 - Sharing your beauty advent calendars, or any festive calendar.
3 - What's in my bag Christmas edition
4 - How I decorate my Christmas gifts
5 - Festive Lush Haul
6 - Christmas Jumper Collection
7 - Festive Baking
8 - Festive Drinks.... yumm  Hot Chocolates
9 - Christmas Day Make Up / OOTD
10 - My Christmas Eve Routine
11 - Christmas Party Dresses
12 - Christmas Wishlist
13 - Gift Guides
14 - Favourite Christmas Movies
15 - Christmas Markets
16 - Top tips to get Festive
17 - Christmas Giveaway
18 - Christmas DIY's
19 - Christmas Tag, there are lot's of them :)
20 - Top Christmas Beauty Kits
21 - Monday Manicure: Christmas Edition
22 - My Favourite Moments in 2015
23 - What I got for Christmas
24 - Best Boxing Day Sale Deals
25 - Goals for 2017
So there are my Blog Post Ideas: Christmas Edition, I hope you liked this and it helps inspire you to write up some festive posts this December.
Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Christmas posts are?
Love Gill x