Sunday, 13 November 2016

Life Update & New Workspace

This feels very strange to be typing away on my wee blog again, it's been exactly 3 weeks since I've been gone from my little space on the internet. I think it's the longest I have ever taken a break from blogging in the whole 2 years I have been doing it.

It was my 2 year blog birthday on the 3rd November which I missed unfortunately but I am still so proud to have kept it up.
Where have I been? I just needed a break. from everything. I started a new job not too long ago and it's been super busy, I put so much pressure on myself to keep up with my blog as well as my full time busy job which meant never getting evenings or weekends to myself. I love blogging but there becomes a line where you need to just stop for a minute and breathe!

I've not been that well for about a good year now either, I'm back and forth getting blood tests for an underactive thyroid and also need tests on my heart murmur which has been giving me a huge amount of worry and I've started feeling extremely anxious due to this. One of the symptoms of my health issue is trembling hands, I can tell when it's going to happen and there is nothing I can do to stop it which is causing my anxiety as I know my hands will shake which is extremely embarrassing if it happens when shopping handing over money or typing your pin in, I feel I am being watched and acting suspicious.
However to end on a positive note, I bought myself a little add on to my desk to put some of my cute bits and pieces on it, I've not done a huge amount with it but it's something for me to rearrange and get it just right. I love it! I'm hoping it will give me more space and motivation to get back into the routine of blogging.
I have some fun baking ideas planned and getting ready for the festive season on Gill McLaughlin which i'm super excited for, I hope you are too!
Love Gill x


  1. Welcome back Gill, I know how strange the feeling is when you've not blogged in a while as I've just done the same thing haha! It must be tough with all those health issues going on-my anxiety sometimes makes my hands shake and I feel the same way, as if I'm acting suspicious and everyone is watching. So you're not alone there :) Hope you have a lovely week ahead x

    1. Awww thanks lovely, unfortunately my hands shake due to my thyroid not anxiety but hopefully it will get better, thank you for your lovely comment x