Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sunday Treats

It's the usually Sunday night feeling, trying not to think about Monday morning, yawn! Although I must admit, I am getting rather excited at the dark mornings and nights and the fact it's starting to get colder in the evenings - getting those coats out soon!
I am willing for Autumn to make its way fully here so I popped on some fairy lights and lit a festive candle, Marshmallow Treats - read my post here to find out where I got this beaut from.
Now I can fully relax, watch some Netflix and munch through my chosen treats which is a Cadbury's milkshake, mini cookies and some after eight mints yummm.

What treats do you have on a Sunday night? Let me know in the comments below.
Love Gill x


  1. That milkshake looks gorgeous! I love having a nice pamper night on Sunday evenings :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. I know there is something that feels so much nicer having a pamper on a Sunday than any other day x

  2. Oh my word after eights, I love dark chocolate and mint - I hugely need a good pamper sesh already

    www.Barely There | British-Korean Beauty & Lifestyle blog