Thursday, 30 June 2016

Beauty | EVE LOM Lip Butter

Hello Lovelies,
I received a lovely little box of goodies from my brother and Sister-in-law earlier this month and one of the things which immediately caught my eye was the Eve Lom Lip Butter.

I had my eyes peeled for a lip butter for some time so when I saw it I was super excited to try it out, upon opening the cute little packaging and twisting the lid off my heart sank ever so slightly. Inside was a lip balm, which to me isn't a lip butter mehh. However, I used it before bed that night and my disappointment quickly faded, it felt so minty and tingly on my lips I just loved the feeling of it.
I woke up in the morning with the usual alarm blaring, running around the house rushing to get out the door and head to work. It came to lunch time when I suddenly realised I hadn't been picking at my lips gross but they are usually pretty dry and cracked, I instantly remembered about the 'lip butter' I used the night before.
I've been using it for some weeks now and it's amazing, I haven't used it the last few nights and I can really tell a huge difference, my lips are more dry than they have been so need to keep it up and use it every night, I do love it when a product works!
I would still love to try a proper lip butter though so if you know of any let me know in the comments below.
Love Gill x


  1. Ooh I do love this lip balm I always keep one on my bedside table. I quite like the tingly menthol feeling you get when applied. And I agree it's not really a buttter more of a posh lip balm lol
    Lisa xx xx

    1. Lol it is indeed a posh lip balm but I do love it! x

  2. Oooh loving the look and sound of this - it's lovely! Can't get enough of products like this, perfect in the winter against the cold and perfect in the summer on holiday to protect too! Love it :)

    Hope you're well and having a lovely weekend hun!

    Layla xx