Monday, 7 March 2016

Lifestyle: Beating the Monday Blues

Hello Lovelies,

I am feeling pretty good today for a Monday(!) why am I feeling so good for a Monday? Well, I forced myself to not dread that first day back to work. Easier said than done I know but last night I thought to myself, I'm sick of the dreaded Sunday night thoughts of going back to work tomorrow.

Instead, I planned out in my mind as to what I would do so I visually went through my wardrobe in my head and picked out what I would wear rather than the panic in the mornings. I then decided what I would have for my breakfast, which was a slimfast shake - quick, easy and on the go.

I took fruit in to work with me, put aside my usual Breakfast Tea and got Peppermint tea instead. Made sure I bought my water intake for the day and drank it all.

On my way home from work I planned out on the notes on my phone what exercise plan I would do and I wouldn't put the TV on or sit on the couch when I got in, although I am sat at my desk writing this right now teehee. Not only do I want to lose weight but I want to have a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy habits. Today is the day!!

Of course I am going to have some little treats too otherwise all day every day would be dull, who wants that?! So I have some cheeky wee galaxy choccies waiting for me once I have done my exercises.

Just changing little things, planning ahead and thinking positive really does change your whole mood and outlook to those dreaded Monday mornings!

What do you do to beat those Monday blues? Let me know in the comments below

Love Gill x


  1. It is all about having a positive mindset. If you think you're gonna have a rubbish day then you will and vice versa.

    You definitely deserve some Galaxy after exercising, mmm. Have you tried the golden eggs yet? They're my downfall at the mo xx

    1. I know - staying positive helps so much. YES I have they are amazing!! x