Monday, 18 January 2016

Beauty | Mini Lush Haul

Hello Lovelies,
It's been a while since I have put up a post, work and life has just got in the way but I'm back!

I was in London at the weekend for my Husband's 30th birthday, of course I had to drag him along to the Lush store on Oxford Street, along with another million shops teehee!

I was expecting it to be big but I was totally blown away with how many products they have, my store in Edinburgh is a shoe box in comparison haha. I didn't go too mad in there as I had to get them back on the plane and was worried about them getting bashed but they survived!

The first thing I picked up was the Prince Charming Shower Cream as I have heard so many raving reviews about it I just had to have it.
I then picked up The Experimenter purely because it is very 'Instagram' it's just a bonus that it smells very relaxing.
Loverlamp really caught my eye too, maybe it's my white addiction but I'm not sure if I saw this last year so wanted to give this a go too
I have saved the prettiest one for last... Unicorn Horn - I didn't pick this up last year and was kicking myself that I didn't so I knew I had to get it this time, I just know I will be purchasing more of this.

What is your favourite Lush product? Let me know in the comments below what I should pick up

Love Gill x


  1. I recently treated myself to a little LUSH haul too! (don't you just love Christmas gift vouchers?) That unicorn horn is adorable, and I've seen the prettiest pictures of The Experimenter. Such a lovely little haul. :)

    Christie's Take on Life. x

    1. I know i can't wait to get some nice pics of the experimenter x

  2. I love lush bath products but this time I bought a few of their skincare products. Trying my hand at their cleansers and so far I am loving them.

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

    1. Ooo it's actually one thing I haven't purchased from lush yet is their skincare but i do really need to try it- I always get so sidetracked by their pretty bath bombs and bubble bars x