Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Beauty: Lidl's Chanel Dupe save £51

Hello Lovelies,
After smelling my lovely soon to be sister in law at Christmas I wondered what perfume she had on... I had an inkling it was Chanel so was hoping to get a squirt of it myself!

Turns out it wasn't Chanel at all but Lidl's perfume Suddenly Madame Glamour, I could not believe my sniff! Lidl? Perfume? surely not.... but yes for £3.99 you can get a Chanel Coco Mademoiselle dupe and it really does smell like it!

Ok ok it certainly doesn't have the staying power like a Chanel perfume would have but I mean it's £3.99 there are no worries at all about having to top it up every 3 hours.

I adore the packaging, it doesn't come across as cheap at all. I urge all of you to get down to your local Lidl and give this a go. This is great if you are on a bit of a budget or you just want a cheap perfume for work / uni / college etc...
Have you tried this perfume out? Let me know in the comments

Love Gill x

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  1. I was in Lidl today and remembered this post although I couldn't remember the name of the fragrance and picked this one LUCKILY! Thank you for the tip, as soon as I opened the box I knew I had the right one, smells just like Chanel!!!!!