Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Baking | Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Hello Lovelies,
It's been a while since I've shared a baking post and I came across these beauts in my pics and forgot I even made these a few weeks ago. These are just vanilla flavour cupcakes with buttercream icing and mini oreos as Minnie's ears. Too cute. Keep reading to find out how you can make such cuteness...

You will need:

150g Unsalted Butter
170g Caster Sugar
170g Self-Raising Flour
3 medium eggs
1tsp vanilla extract

Buttercream Icing
140g Unsalted Butter
225g Icing Sugar
Mini Oreos
Pink bows (I used little butterflys as a bow)

To Make:

1) Pre-heat oven to 180 / Gas 6 and line a muffin tin with your chosen cupcake cases
2) Mix together butter and sugar until sugar has all melted in
3) Mix in your eggs to the butter and sugar mixture
4) Fold in flour (sifted) to your butter / egg mixture and then add in your vanilla extract
5) spoon the mixture into your cupcake cases evenly and pop into the oven for 10-12 mins
6) Start making your buttercream icing by mixing together your butter and sugar, you can also add in some vanilla extract if you wish
7) Pipe onto your fully cooled cakes and decorate with the mini oreos as ears and a little pink bow in the middle


What do you think of these little cupcakes? I think they are super cute :)

Love Gill x