Monday, 2 November 2015

My Blogs 1st Birthday!!

Well well well, it's my blogs 1st birthday! I still can not believe I have stuck to this for 1 year so what better way to celebrate with a giant cupcake. Don't worry I wont be eating this all to myself haha.

What have I achieved in 1 year? 478 followers on Bloglovin, 1,079 followers on Twitter and 500 followers on Instagram, now this is not a lot to many of you but for me it is a huge achievement I mean I didn't for one second think anyone would read my content never mind follow me.
I do however feel I could have put a lot more effort into my blog over the past few months but due to other things going on I haven't been able to devote my full attention. I really do feel like the upcoming Christmas spirit will bring a lot more enthusiasm and a lot more exciting posts.
I would just like to thank each and everyone of you who follow me, read my blog and most of all leave a comment. I do love reading comments on my blog and hearing what you are loving too.
Thank you once again, I am going to enjoy some of my yummy cake now! :)

Love Gill x