Monday, 14 September 2015

Revlon Colourstay: Buff

I think I have found my perfect drugstore foundation.... Yes that is a big claim to make.

As you are all probably aware I rave about true match all the time but lately my skin has been getting slightly oily so I wanted to try a foundation that is specifically for oily skin. After reading many reviews I picked up the Revlon Colourstay for oily skin in the shade Buff.

Colourstay makes my skin look flawless and I get zero shine, even at the end of a long day in the office. This is a velvet matte finish which doesn't look cakey, I always spritz a setting spray on afterwards to stop it going too powdery looking.

This claims to last 24hrs - I've not tried that out, I mean who would wear make up for 24hrs?! The longest I've had it on is 14hrs which is a long time and it still looks amazing at the end of the 14hrs, yes it needs touched up here and there where I've been touching my face throughout the day but nothing drastic.

Revlon Colorstay has spf15, is a medium - full coverage and has 13 shades in it's collection each being 30ml for a cost of £12.99

Have you tried this foundation? let me know other foundations which are good for oily skin in the comments below :)

Love Gill x


  1. This is my favourite drugstore foundation too! I'm Buff as well and rationing the last of my bottle at the minute as its out of stock in my local shop and online! Hate when that happens!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. Eeeek - I need to stock up just in case this happens to me lol don't know what I'd do without this now x