Friday, 8 May 2015

My Top 10 Apps

I am a total addict when it comes to my iPad or iPhone, I seriously worry sometimes haha. With all phones and tablets nowadays comes apps, how would I live my life without them (first world problems at its best). Now obviously we all have our favourite apps which we use more or less on a daily basis, mine consist of;
Who doesn't love Instagram? I love scrolling through looking at peoples delicious meals or cute little Shih Tzu's. You can follow me at (cheeky)
BloglovinI use this app on a daily basis to keep up to date with all you lovely bloggers posts.
TwitterNow I think every blogger uses Twitter - it is such a great way to connect with other bloggers and keep in touch. I love taking part in the twitter chats too (albeit have been a bit absent lately). you can find me at @mrsgmcx
EbayOhh I do love a good wee Ebay bargain, I buy all my baking items from Ebay and a lot of little crafty pieces.
YouTubeTotal addict! I could watch for hours upon hours. Need I say no more :)
NetflixI go through phases of watching a good series on Netflix and get hooked and then other times I need to stop myself as I would just not sleep haha.
PinterestI get so much inspiration from Pinterest, love love love <3
InstasquareThis is a great app if you take that perfect picture for Instagram and find it's not square and cuts half of it out - this will save you!
RedditIf you don't know reddit, this is just a great app where people upload loads of different posts, you can select what you want to see from funny to cute etc.. Check it out
FotorLove using this app for editing my Insta pics :)

What are your favourite apps? Let me know in the comments what I need to add to my list.

Love Gill x


  1. The eBay app is always on my device which is dangerous almost 99% of the time haha :') x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥ || Giveaway

  2. Lovely! Have a nice friday sweetie!

    If you want to follow each other, please follow me on GFC or Bloglovin and I'll do the same ;)

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  3. Why do I not have the Netflix app?!?! Need to download this now haha :D

    Rebecca Coco

    1. Cant believe you dont have the app lol - u need to get it x

  4. I am a total Pinterest addict! It is definitely my most used app but Amazon is way up there too, it's a bit too easy to jump over and just buy a book you're reading about though... I prefer the iPhone app to the iPad one though, the later is a bit clunky. .