Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Valentine's Day


Hello Lovelies
I had the loveliest surprise gifts from my husband. I said I only wanted flowers (and I do really mean that - I'm not the sort that says it but expects more). So when he had this lovely little set of chocolates, perfume and a teddy along with roses I almost cried - so soppy haha!

We just spent the day chilling out, I had my mum and dad over for dinner as we don't usually go out for dinner on Valentines. We had a really nice meal and then I ate far too much chocolate later along with some marshmallows mmmm.


What did you get up to this Valentine's? Hope you all had a lovely day!

Love Gill x



  1. Sounds lovely!!! I'm also completely happy with flowers, but it's always so exciting when you get something you're not expecting! I blogged about my valentines evening here if you fancy a read:

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day mdear! And well done to your husband! hehe

    Kayleigh xoxo