Wednesday, 7 January 2015

All About Foundation: L'Oreal True Match

Hello Lovelies,

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed when browsing for a new foundation? So many different brands to choose from, different textures, and of course... what shade to choose! This was my biggest dilemma until I found Findation. This website has every foundation and shade (I think) online, you can choose which foundation you currently use and then search which shade you will be in all other foundations. I've used this a few times and it has always been spot on.

I have tried and tested so many different drugstore brand foundations and always been slightly disappointed - too thick, too oily, not enough coverage the list goes on. However I didn't have the make up brushes then that I do now so I may need to do some re-testing, what a great excuse to buy more make up :)
Until I do some re-testing I wanted to share with you L'Oreal True Match - this is just my best friend right now! I use shade D3.W3 Golden Beige. The consistency is quite runny but don't let that put you off as the coverage is so good, you could make this foundation a 'no make up' look or you can build it up to a medium coverage without it going cakey. I wouldn't class this as a full coverage foundation just because it's not thick enough like Mac etc to get that look but it gives an extremely good medium coverage.
There are 18 shades available, it's oil free and has SPF17, this retails at £9.99 which is a great price and lasts a long time.

Have you tried this foundation? What is your favourite foundation?

Gill McLaughlin


  1. I wrote a post on this foundation recently :) I just love it so much and definitely think it's my holy grail. I completely agree about getting overwhelmed with foundations, I'm really pale so I'm lucky that the palest shade is always the one I need but I wish wish wish there were foundation samples available!
    Love Holly x

  2. I love this foundation for the daytime look. However, I don't like wearing it when I know photos are gonna be taken due to the SPF and flash. Such a good review, followed you

  3. I love this foundation it's such a great product. Great blog, thanks for the tip on Findation I will defiantly be checking that out.

  4. I'm using this foundation at the moment and its the perfect match for my skin and such a lovely finish! xx


  5. Ive just started using this foundation & found it to be pretty good!the consistency of it did worry me at first but it's coverage it actually pretty good as you said!great post chick!xxx