Thursday, 20 November 2014

CND Shellac Nails (inc How To)

Hey Everyone,
I thought I would paint my nails a brighter colour as I've been wearing pinks and nudes for a while now so as it's nearing December I thought I would go for Red!

I went for CND 'Hollywood' it's not too bright and it has a lovely subtle shimmer through it.

I do my own shellac nails as it is far too costly to get it done at a salon and it is so easy to do yourself. It is exactly the same as painting your nails with any other polish except you are curing it under a UV lamp.

It is not expensive either, this is all you need:

UV Nail Lamp, 36 Watt with 120 second timer - I bought mine off ebay for £14
Base Coat & Top Coat Gel Polish
Any Colours of Gel polish of your choice
Acetone for removing and taking off the sticky layer upon finishing
Nail File / Cuticle pusher and clipper

1)Prepare nails, filing them to desired size / shape
2)remove cuticles - you can buy a cuticle pusher and clipper set for cheap. This is important as if you start putting polish over cuticles this will make the polish lift and peel off
3) Wipe your nails with acetone to remove any dirt etc..
4) Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure under the lamp for 30 seconds
5) Apply your choice of colour and cure for 2 minutes - repeat as necessary (I usually do 2 or 3 coats)
6) Apply Top Coat and cure for 2 minutes
7) Wipe your nails with acetone, this will remove the sticky layer and add the shine (don't worry, the polish will not come off! Remember to just wipe it over the nails and not soak it in)

It is very simple, may be a bit more time consuming but there is no waiting around for your nails to dry.

CND will cost around £15 a bottle but bluesky are just as good I feel, I get mine off Ebay for around £5. The only difference I notice is with some of the colours I do need to apply 3 coats to get a good even colour whereas with CND you may only need 1 or 2 coats.

Hope this gives some advice to anyone thinking about DIY shellac.
Gill McLaughlin


  1. it is simple indeed! thank you for sharing!
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